Everything You Need to Know About Spring Hair with Georgia Hosking

It’s time to embrace natural texture and relaxed hairstyling.

Listen up peaches! Its time to embrace your own natural style this season. We sat down to discuss top
hair trends and tips for summer with super stylist, hair guru and our salon manager – Georgia Hosking.

What is a popular colour trend coming through the salon?

Balayage – It isn’t over yet. It is basically a totally natural look with no harsh regrowth, which is both low
maintenance and affordable for all ages. Georgia says ‘We base the colour off their roots, achieving
subtle lighter ends’.

What hairstyles are totally peachy this season?

Less is best, as they say. A natural tossed wave, with plenty of texture is effortless. We want to achieve
fullness and volume. Georgia’s tip: ditch the hairspray!

What is your ‘everyday’ product?

Incredible Milk – our hero product. It has been described as ‘the only hair fluid you will ever need’. For
most teenage girls with long luscious locks who regularly wash and chemically treat their hair, this
product will be your new best friend! The best part is it’s affordable and smells amazing.
Georgia rates this product
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